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B&B Group Ltd has the capacity to fabricate up to 10,000 tonnes of structural steelwork per annum, depending on the mix of pieces, sizes and complexity of the manufacture involved.

Over recent years we have invested heavily in new equipment and working processes as part of the updating of our 90,000 ft2 fabrication facility, together with the introduction of 2-Nr. “Saw and Drill” lines.

Use is made of the CNC data realised through the structural modelling process undertaken by our Engineering office to maximise the use of our automated workshop machinery which incorporates the following plant:

  • Peddinghaus Angle Line = Shear Cuts & punches angle and Flat-Bar up to 150x12.
  • FDB 1000 = Flame cuts and drills plate from 1000mm wide x 5mm thick up to 1000mm wide x 50mm thick.
  • FDB 600 = Flame cuts and drills plate from 600mm wide x 5mm thick up to 600mm wide x 50mm thick.
  • FPB1800 = Plasma cuts and punches holes. Plate size from 1800mm wide x3mm thick x6000mm long to 1800mm wide x 30mm thick x 6000mm long.
  • Pro saw Band = Saws sections up to 610mm wide.
  • Kaltenbach Cold Saw = Semi Automatic measure and saw section up to 914mm wide.
  • Kaltenbach WBX1015 = Drills web and both flanges of section up to 1000mm wide.
  • Peddinghaus BDL 1250/3 Saw Drill Line capable of cutting and drilling section up to 1200mm wide.

We have a fully qualified, highly skilled and experienced workforce based in our workshop at Ince, near Wigan.

All welding work is undertaken under the full supervision of an International Welding Engineer and Responsible Welding Coordinator, by competent qualified welders in accordance with our welding quality management system.

We have extensive storage facilities that allows us to provide off-site storage of materials when required.