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The B&B Group are fully licensed users of the Tekla Structures modelling software, as designed and produced specifically for the structural steelwork industry.

As a business we actively promote the early preparation of the structural models during the design/development stage of a project as we feel this to be the optimum period during which the certainty of fabrication and build can be determined.

Any uncertainty in terms of the design can be visually demonstrated during this period, enabling early investigation and resolution of any design issues, especially on Design & Build projects when there are a large number of specialist contractors involved and various design interfaces need resolving early in the production process to avoid costly site retrofit operations.

The engineering of all projects using Tekla Structures software provides the business with significant advantages in terms of being able to accept and manipulate client’s design information when modelling the steelwork.

The structural models produced are used for preparing all general arrangement layouts, fabrication details, material purchasing and production and transfer of all NC data for the manufacturing plant, enabling the production processes to operate effectively and efficiently, minimising any wastage in the use of resources and materials.